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Chiropractic Treatments Alleviate Pain from Work Injury

pain management for work injury in Corydon.jpgWork-place injuries are more common than you may think. Although your job is supposed to provide a safe environment, there is a high chance of work injury in any profession. The three main types of work injuries include repetitive motion injuries, accidental injuries and desk-related injuries. These injuries can cause back pain, neck pain and headaches. Chiropractic care can help with pain management and rehabilitation for your work injuries.

What is the Source of Your Work Injury Pain? 

Repetitive motion injuries are caused by doing the same thing over and over again. While a familiar repetitive motion injury is carpal tunnel syndrome, which is often the result of typing at a computer or operating machines. Other repetitive injuries include routine lifting, bending and assembling products. Manufacturing or factory workers may suffer repetitive injuries from their work environment.

Accidental injuries in the workplace can include slip and fall accidents, back pain from lifting weighty loads and being hurt by heavy equipment necessary to perform your job. An automobile accident is another type of accidental injury that can happen while driving a vehicle for your employer. This type of accident can result in back or neck pain from whiplash.

Desk-related injuries occur while working at a desk all day. These injuries may not seem as serious as other types of work injuries, but they can have an adverse effect on you and your performance. Desk injuries can cause chronic back pain from poor posture and lack of support from your office furniture. You may also suffer from intense stress which may cause headaches and aggravate your muscle injuries.

Our Corydon chiropractor will provide regular chiropractic care to realign your spinal column, which aides in pain management and pain relief for your back, neck and headache pain. He will incorporate a variety of the latest techniques in chiropractic and wellness care. Some of these treatments include adjustments, corrective exercises, lifestyles counseling, weight management and therapeutic medicine injections. With an individualized treatment program, our chiropractor can help you manage your pain from work injury, increase overall wellness and assist in your recovery.

Have you suffered from a work injury and how did you find relief?

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