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Common Reasons Corydon Patients Experience Back Pain

chiropractic care for back pain.jpgMillions of Americans suffer from occasional and chronic back pain - many of which live here in Corydon. Because the back is comprised of a delicate system of bones, nerves, joints and muscles, there are many reasons that you could be experiencing pain in your upper, middle or lower back. Some causes are more common than others, however, and fortunately, many of them are treatable using chiropractic care.

Poor Posture - Many Americans suffer from poor posture. Although sitting with poor posture will not do immediate damage, over time, slumping or slouching can cause subluxations in the spine that grow increasingly painful.

Personal Injury - An injury can occur anytime a forceful impact causes a joint, disc or vertebrae to become dislocated from its natural position. Personal injuries are common in sports, car accidents and workplace accidents, although a simple slip-and-fall incident could be damaging as well.

Stress and Tension - Some people carry stress and tension in their muscles. Toxins can build up in the muscles, causing pain and motion limitations. Left untreated, pain may expand beyond the back and begin causing headaches, muscle stiffness and soreness. Although stretching and massage help, a chiropractor can also help treat the condition.

Pain Management for Improvements in Overall Health  

Here at Harrison County Chiropractic, we believe in treating the whole body, rather than only offering pain management and treatment for symptoms. Each Corydon chiropractor in our office uses manual spinal adjustments to alleviate compression of the discs and vertebrae, which in turn releases pressure on the nerves. This type of treatment not only facilitates healing in the spine, but it also helps with pain management. In addition to restoring proper alignment to the spine, we also offer nutritional advice and lifestyle counseling to help you maintain your health and wellness long after your pain has subsided.

Have you visited a Corydon chiropractor for back or neck pain before? If so, how did the treatments affect your symptoms?

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