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Chiropractic Care for Corydon Whiplash or Auto Accident Injury

Auto accident injury relief.jpgWhiplash is a neck injury that can adversely affect the entire body if not handled promptly and correctly after it happens. It is the most common auto accident injury, with about 3 million cases occurring every year, some of them here in Corydon. Even a low-speed crash, sports injury or fall can suddenly whip the body and head in opposite directions, causing traumatic strain to the neck's delicate and complex network of vertebrae, muscles, discs, tendons and ligaments. The most insidious thing about it is that, especially at low speeds, a victim may not even realize there is anything wrong until days or weeks later. Aside from neck stiffness and back pain, it can also cause headaches, difficulty concentrating or sleeping, vision problems, pinched nerves and more.

No Time for Neck Pain? Our Chiropractor Can Help

We recommend that anyone who has suffered from this type of injury check in with us as soon as they can, even after a low-impact accident. Typically, a car accident victim will go to the emergency room for a checkup, but because the nature of this injury is not immediately life threatening, an ER doctor who is crunched for time may not be able to offer any assistance beyond sending the patient home with prescription painkillers and a neck brace. A chiropractor, however, deals specifically with these types of soft-tissue injuries and understands the mechanisms of neck pain.

We can take the time necessary to provide a complete diagnosis and develop an individualized treatment plan that includes gentle spinal adjustments to realign the vertebrae in the neck. We also instruct and coach the patient on corrective exercises and stretches that can help strengthen and heal the soft tissues that were injured in the accident. We have helped many neck injury patients leave the pain behind and get back to enjoying the complete wellness that comes from having a properly aligned cervical spine.

If you have ever suffered a neck injury, what happened? How did you get it treated?

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