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Corydon Chiropractor Treats Migraines and Headaches

Corydon chiropractor aids in pain from migraines and headaches.jpgHeadaches and migraines affect millions of people across the country. At Harrison County Chiropractic in Corydon, IL, Dr. Renee Tornatore and Dr. John Catapano use chiropractic care for pain management and to treat headache and migraine pain in patients. Combined with spinal adjustments, avoiding certain triggers can help a patient live migraine and headache-free, without the need for medications.

Common Causes of Headache Pain

The factors that cause headaches and migraines vary depending on the type of pain a person experiences. Tension headaches usually occur as a result of poor posture, as the neck muscles begin to spasm. Another common cause of a tension headache is a whiplash injury or damage to muscles on the neck that cause referred pain.

A migraine occurs when the blood vessels in the head constrict, then dilate. The exact cause of the constriction and dilation is not understood. It may be due to environmental factors or it may have a genetic component, as migraines tend to run in families. Certain factors are known to trigger a migraine in people, such as foods that contain nitrates, monosodium glutamate, or caffeine. Some migraine sufferers need to avoid aged cheeses and chocolate too. Hormonal changes as well as changes in the weather or a person's sleep schedule can lead to migraine pain.

Pain Management and Chiropractic Treatments

Visits to our Corydon chiropractor can help patients who experience headache pain. Spinal adjustments and manipulations have been shown to significantly reduce the pain from a tension headache and to improve a patient's overall wellness. Spinal manipulations improve pain for longer periods of time than medications and do not have any side effects. Patients who experience migraines also benefit from spinal adjustments as well as avoiding known headache triggers.

Have you tried spinal manipulation to treat your headaches?

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