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Corydon Wellness Care Expands with New Chiropractor Blog

Corydon chiropractor provides pain management treatment.jpgHarrison County Chiropractic just got bigger. We did not expand our Corydon wellness facility, but we are extending our patient communication with our new chiropractor blog. Our blog will help our chiropractors Dr. Renee Tornatore and Dr. John Catapano share pertinent information regarding common health issues and the benefits and breakthroughs in chiropractic care. We have long been serving the local community in person, and our blog now lets us serve you online.

Back Pain, Neck Pain and Other Chiropractic Issues

Two of the top reasons people visit our clinic is to help alleviate back pain and neck pain. Rather than mask the pain with drugs, our treatments get to the root of the issue and correct the underlying problem. Treatments are always tailored to each individual patient and can include a number of techniques that successfully eliminate pain and restore the body to its full functioning. Blog topics will discuss various causes of pain, the best thing to do following a sport or auto accident injury, and our beneficial treatment plans.

Pain management is only one of the reasons people visit Harrison County Chiropractic, and it is only one of the services we offer. We also provide corrective exercises, lifestyle advice and nutrition counseling. Your body is a fine-tuned machine that can stay finely tuned with a way of life that best benefits all aspects of your health. Our blog will cover these areas, offering tidbits, tips, and further information on ways to keep pain at bay before it starts and nip detrimental habits in the bud.

Our chiropractors are not only experienced in helping people restore and optimize their health, but they also enjoy it. Most of our patients come to enjoy our services as well, once they see what chiropractic care, proper maintenance and nutrition can do for long-term, optimum health.

How has chiropractic care helped you in the past?

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