Back Pain and Neck Pain

Harrison County Chiropractic Care Relieves Neck Pain and Back Pain

Nearly every American will suffer from neck and back pain at some point in their lives. Do you treat your chronic pain with prescription painkillers but only feel worse? Are you frustrated with treatments that fail to provide real relief? Harrison County chiropractic care can help. Drs. Renee Tornatore and Casey Runnels have helped many south Indiana patients safely manage pain without the need for prescription painkillers or invasive surgery - and we can help you with Back Pain, Neck Pain, Headaches and Migraines.

Back Pain and Neck Pain Management for Wellness in Harrison County Patients

Successful back and neck pain treatment begins by identifying the root cause for your pain. For many patients, a misalignment in the musculoskeletal system is the underlying cause. When the body is out of alignment, the nervous system is unable to properly send and receive messages, placing the body at risk for injury, illness and pain.

A herniated disc is typically the underlying cause for back pain. A traumatic injury such as a auto accident injury or sports injury, a slip and fall, or even natural wear and tear over time can cause a disc in the spine to slip out of alignment. If the herniated disc compresses nearby nerves, this pressure can lead to pain. A herniated disc in the lower back that compresses the sciatic nerve can cause a radiating pain sensation in the lower back, buttock and legs. This condition, also known as sciatica, can seriously impact a patient's ability to live an active life.

While prescription painkillers can provide temporary relief, back pain does not go away on its own. In fact, medication can often trick patients into believing that the problem is being treated, when in fact, the condition is worsening. Treatment from a chiropractor is a safe and effective way to correct the underlying cause for pain. Our Harrison County chiropractors will identify the location of the herniated disc in your back, and then use hands-on chiropractic adjustments to restore alignment to the spine. Our chiropractors may also recommend corrective care exercises to help strengthen your core muscles, restoring movement and flexibility to your body.

Whiplash is one of the most common causes of neck pain. Whiplash occurs when the force of impact from an auto accident "whips" the cervical spine forwards and backwards, abruptly moving the neck beyond its normal range of motion. Many whiplash victims suffer from chronic neck pain, headaches and difficulty concentrating. Hands-on adjustments are a gentle and safe way to restore alignment to the cervical spine.

If you are struggling from chronic neck and back pain, it's important to understand that there are patient-proven, effective alternatives to painkillers and surgery. Our Harrison County chiropractic and wellness team is happy to answer any questions you may have about our pain management treatments. We want you to feel confident that you are making an informed, positive choice for your body's health!

Our Harrison County wellness center is conveniently located to serve the Floyd Knobs, New Albany and Brandenburg communities. Schedule your diagnostic appointment with our chiropractors today!

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