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Harrison County Chiropractic Clinic is Your Source for Total Body Wellness

Chiropracticcare involves a dynamic lifestyle opportunity for total wellness. Pain management is only one of the possibilities regular care can offer. Our Harrison County chiropractic clinic moves you beyond pain management to reach all aspects of your health to keep your body strong and in motion!

Pain Management and Chiropractic Care Helps Harrison County Patients Move Forward

Modern living, which sometimes involves a sedentary lifestyle and excessive exposure to physiological stress, can affect our health. When these habits continually occur over an extended period of time, mis-alignments and subluxations present themselves throughout the spinal column, resulting in concerns most of us have experienced at one time or another, such as fatigue, nagging headaches, recurring migraines, achiness and soreness and sleeping disturbances. Each of these physiological changes can cause communication errors within the central nervous system affecting muscles, bones and nerves.

The goal of regular care is to realign the spinal column by improving nervous system communication. This goal can be achieved through several different techniques. Our Harrison County chiropractors incorporate a variety of the latest techniques and research such as new, comfortable adjusting techniques, individualized exercise programs, ergonomic lifestyle suggestions for the home and workplace, pre- and post-natal techniques for pregnant patients, techniques suited for children and lifestyle and nutrition programs. Our chiropractors can also help with back pain, neck pain and whiplash associated from an auto accident injury.

How does this type of dynamic care benefit you? We know a body in motion is a healthy body! These techniques work together to keep you in motion. They help strengthen and correct the entire physiology while benefiting balance and posture. Orthopedic and musculoskeletal concerns that respond most effectively to regular care, such as recovery from auto accident injury, neck pain and back pain, all benefit from these techniques.

We also support you beyond the office to keep you moving and thinking health! We will include beneficial aspects of home-care you'll perform between visits, such as specialized exercises, stretches, heat and ice therapy and nutritional care. Your work life matters too. If your job involves sitting all day, we'll add in lumbar supports, headsets and ergonomically correct chairs.

In addition to effectively treating neck pain, back pain, common headaches, migraines and recovery from auto accident injury, our Harrison County chiropractors can develop a plan to reflect all of your health and wellness goals. Research shows that care also benefits allergies, asthma, PMS, pregnancy, fibromyalgia, carpal tunnel, smoking cessation and many more concerns. Additionally, childhood concerns, such as attention, focus and concentration issues, bed wetting, sleep disturbances and pain management of the aches associated with regular growth all respond positively to regular care. As you can see, the benefits of chiropractic care offer myriad long-term benefits for you and your family that extends toward whole person health.

Our Harrison County chiropractors and the entire team strive to offer you and your family the latest techniques to benefit whole person health!

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